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I once was a software engineer in a computer company. However, two years ago, during the great depression of the world economy in 2008, I got unemployed. To make a living and support my whole family, I found a job as a taxi driver. I have been doing well in this new field, but one problem always troubled me. I am near-sighted and have to wear prescription eyeglasses, which makes it difficult for me to wear sunglasses to prevent my eyes from the strong and harmful sunrays, especially in summer. What is more, sunglasses are especially important for drivers to distinguish vehicle lights.

At first, I did not pay much attention to it. I managed to do it without a pair of sunglasses. It was not until half a year later that I realized I can wear prescription sunglasses. I even did not know that there exist prescription sunglasses before. How ridiculous I am! Thanks to one of my colleagues, now the problem had been solved easily .

I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses from an online net optical store. You know, I am busy with my work and have no time and energy to spend in wandering among local stores just in search for a pair of prescription sunglasses. Shopping online is a great way to save people this trouble.

There are several color options for my reference at that online optical store, such as brown, gray, orange, rose, yellow, green and blue, etc. at first I was at a loss about how to choose. The online server of that store patiently gave me some professional suggestions. According to him, gray lens reduce brightness. Brown lens can reduce glare created by the blue frequency in sunlight, which can make things appear hazy. Yellow lens tint can eliminate the haze from blue light however they cause more color distortion. He suggest me choose dark-brown lens, for this kind of lens suits near-sighted drivers very much.

Finally I chose a pair of prescription sunglasses with dark-brown lens and similar color frame. When I received the goods not long later, I felt really satisfied with it, not only in quality but also in price and service. Online shopping is much cheaper than shopping in local stores, which is known by almost all of us. Shopping eyeglasses is especially cheaper. So if you want a pair of eyeglasses, I strongly recommend you shopping online. is the net store from which I bought my first cheap and good prescription sunglasses, you can have a visit.