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I find a new a job as a secretary in an international trade company. It is a big change for my life. After graduation I used to work as a salesgirl in a big market. However, during the great financial crises, I lost my job. Now I finally find a new one, a more satisfying one. You cannot imagine how happy I am and how I treasure this new job.

I have been making preparation for the new job long time ago. I will go the new company next week. My parents said that my new job needs me appear formal and decent in order to suit the working environment. They ordered me to change my former dressing which looks so leisure and informal, and give others the impression of informal and inexperienced. I followed their suggestion and buy myself some formal dressings. When I was shopping, a salesgirl said that my eyeglasses needed to change too. She said that as eyes are the windows of our soul, eyeglasses are one kind of important ornament for our out appearance. Eyeglasses are not only sight-correcting instrument, but also kind of key ornament just like clothes. We change different clothes for different occasions; we should also change different eyeglasses to match different clothes. Wearing suitable eyeglasses can improve a person’s image to a large extent. I agree with her opinion, but the problem is that prescription eyeglasses usually cost too much, especially those of high quality. The kind salesgirl suggested me shopping online. She said that online stores usually sell goods at much lower prices than local stores, since net stores do not need to pay front store rents, electricity charge and employees’ salary of operating a decent shop, so the overhead costs of running net stores are much lower.

Though I did not hold too much expectation to shopping online, I decided to have a try. When I typed “discount prescription eyeglasses” into the internet, a large amount of information came into my eyes. I realized at that time that shopping eyeglasses online had become so popular. I regret for my delayed knowledge at such an internet world. After comparison, I chose to buy one from the store since this store serves a wider range of eyeglasses with different styles. The procedure of buying prescription eyeglasses online is simple and easy to handle, which saves me a lot of trouble than shopping from local stores.

Now I have received the good, I cannot express how much I satisfy with it. Now I am considering buying another pair.