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Free Tips on Buying Prescription glasses Online

Buying prescription glasses online is a wise decision for people who have vision problem. It will help you to save a lot of money. If you feel that the glasses sold at the local store is expensive, you can purchase it from the online store. At the online store, you can buy a pair of branded prescription glasses frame at a much cheaper price. In addition, you can use coupon code to get discount for your order. During the holiday season, the online store will hold promotions. Besides, you can compare the prices of the different prescription glasses by using the shopping comparison search engine and find out which store is offering the cheapest price.

The glasses you purchased online has the same quality as the one sold at the local store. This is because both the online and brick and mortar store order the lenses and frames from the same manufacturers. The turnaround time of the online eyeglass store is faster than the local eyeglass store. Normally, you should have your spectacles ready and shipped to you in 7 days. If you buy from a local store, you will have to wait up to 2 weeks to receive it.

Before buying the glasses online, you must have the prescription from the optometrist. The prescription provides information about the power of your eye. Without the prescription, you won’t know the power of your eye so you cannot purchase the right glasses. To obtain the prescription, you must first undergo a general eye exam. During the general eye exam, you will be asked to see the words from a far away. The optometrist will take note of the power of your left and right eye and let you know once the eye exam is finished. You can use this prescription to make the prescription eyeglasses online. The papillary distance is the distance of the pupils of the eyes. This measurement is used to position the center of the lenses so that your eyes will be aligned properly.

If you want to buy a certain glasses you found at the local store online, you can record down the model number. At the online store, you can enter the model number into the search box. After you hit enter, it will search for the eyeglass with the specific model number. If the store has the prescription glasses, it will be shown in the search result. If not, no prescription glasses will be displayed in the search result.