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Get the best prescription glasses for your kids

Among a wide range of prescription lenses available in market, it becomes harder and harder to select the best prescription glasses for our kid. To choose the proper glasses, the main concern for moms is the safety. Kids tend to make accidents, both at play and at sports activities. Many children suffer sports-related eye injuries every year, most cases could be prevented by using the proper eyeglasses.

Lenses for kid’s eyeglasses should be impact resistant, because kids can be harder on their prescription glasses than adults. The reason why many eye doctors choose to use only polycarbonate lenses for children’s glasses is because they are impact and scratch resistant, and will stand up to sports, school, and playtime much better than glass lenses. Since the lenses are shatter-proof, their eyes won’t be damaged by shards of flying glass or plastic if the glasses are hit hard by a ball or a bat. Don’t buy cheap plastic lenses, because they will not stand up to scratching or breaking.

Kids may be attracted to styles because they are more grown-up. It’s not unusual for kids to ask for glasses that look just like Mom’s or Dad’s. In the past, plastic frame were a better choice for children because they were considered more durable, less likely to be bent or broken, lighter in weight and less expensive. But now many frame manufacturers are making metal frames that incorporate these features as well. Make sure to choose hypoallergenic materials if your child has shown sensitivity to certain substances.

Kids are not always careful when they put on and take off glasses, so eyeglasses frame with the spring hinges can help prevent the need for frequent adjustments and costly repairs. They also come in handy if the child falls asleep with the glasses on or just has a rough day at play. Spring hinges are strongly recommended for little kids, who sometimes get carried away playing with their new glasses.

Keep in mind that if your child is planning to play sports, makes sure to choose a safety frame to hold the polycarbonate lenses. Safety sports frames are made to hold up to high impact from fast-moving balls or heavy racquets. is the fastest growing online company selling cheap yet high quality kids prescription eyeglasses and kids prescription sunglasses. Cheapglasses123.comreturn and refund policy makes your purchase with no risk. Check out their variety of durable children prescription glasses to fit your needs.