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Yesterday I received a short message from one of my student through cell phone saying that I was the teacher he loved most in the world. It may be exaggerated, I know, but I am still greatly touched. In fact it’s a little thing that didn’t worth mentioning. I just bought a pair of prescription glasses to one of my students Tony. You want to know the detail of the story? Let me tell in depth.

I am a Math teacher in a primary school in New York. I love my job, and every child in my class is lovely and sincere. So besides teaching in class, I really want to try my best to help them in life. Recently I noticed that Tony, a little boy, do badly in his homework. He used to be one of the top students in my class. I felt strange about it and had a conversion with him one day after class. Then I got the truth. He had trouble seeing the whiteboard clearly, but he didn’t have a pair of prescription glasses.

Tony is a poor boy. His mother died in a traffic accident when tony was only 5years old. His father works in Africa as an engineer and seldom spends time at home with him. Tony lives with his old grandparents who are unable to look after him well enough, so as to have not notice Tony’s decline of eyesight in time.

The other day I took Tony to see an eye doctor to get his eyesight examined. The doctor gave me his prescription list and advised me fill him a pair of prescription list. Since I knew that Tony’s grandparents did not have the time and energy to take to fill glasses, I decided to buy him one pair myself. At first I was intended to let Tony choose one from local optical stores, but it was delayed because of something incident. That evening when I had time, I decided to buy one online. On one part, it is convenient and cheap to shopping online; and on the other hand, I can give Tony a surprise.

In the end I ordered one pair of kid’s prescription glasses from the online store When I gave him the glasses last week, I saw a big smile in Tony’s face. Then the scene what I described in the beginning happened.