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My grandma is all ready seventy years old and next Monday will be her birthday. All my families, my parents, uncles, aunts and cousins will come back for a family party held for her. My cousins and I all want to give a special gift to my grandma although we are still at school and have not much pocket money. I can’t agree more.

Since I was a child, both my parents went outside my hometown for the sake of their work. It was my grandma who had brought me up. Without her, I could have become what I am today. Now, she is very old and lonely since all her children and grandchildren are away from home in pursuit of their career or studies. Reading books has become almost her only pastime. However, her eyesight has been failing over the years and she had great difficulty reading without glasses. Last week, I found her old reading glasses a bit broken but I knew very well that she would spend much money for herself. So I decided to give her a pair of reading glasses as her birthday gift.

I had wanted to buy one from a local glasses store but I found that reading glasses sold there were all much too expensive and well beyond my reach. At the suggestion of my father, I began to turn my attention to the online glasses stores and fortunately, I really found one that sold a variety of reading glasses in terms of their types, designs and colors. Of course, it also sells many other kinds of glasses like prescription glasses for men, for women, for children as well as fashion prescription glasses, designer prescription glasses, Wal-mart prescription glasses and even fashion glasses frames. Among the seas of glasses, you can choose and select any one that suits your taste at will.

I looked through the great variety of reading glasses to find one that is suitable for my grandma. It pays. At last I found a pair of reading glasses with golden frames and a soft nose pad which made the glasses comfortable enough to wear. I placed an order immediately. When it came to me, I found the quality was gorgeous although the price was quite low.

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